Camhanaich Coaching

Karen is a patient and thoughtful coach who created a comfortable space for reflection and prioritization. She provided helpful exercises and assisted me in creating action plans. These have led me to a better understanding of myself and an improved set of tools to deal with future challenges. I am grateful for the progress we have made and am excited to work with her in the future!

Why Work With a Coach?

Coaching is widely and successfully used in the business sector to develop individuals and teams. In the medical world the opportunity to work with a coach is more limited and may even be perceived as something negative. It’s Not!

The physicians I coach tell me its a luxury to be able to work with someone who will offer them time and space; listen profoundly as they speak and then ask direct and challenging questions to move them forward. The physicians I coach leave our sessions feeling energized, empowered and with an enhanced sense of direction.

As a professional coach I am fully trained, certified and adhere to a professional code of ethics. Here are some examples of how coaching can enrich the lives of physicians at various stages of their careers….

Newly-qualified, just out of residency

  • Providing focus in identifying the right career path

  • Being strategic and intentional in setting short & long term goals for professional advancement

  • Identifying the right skills, tools & mentors at each stage of your career

Mid-career physicians and emerging leaders

  • Managing change as new opportunities present themselves

  • Inspiring yourself and others

  • Leading with authenticity

At all levels

  • Navigating your career as important life events intervene

  • Finding balance between career goals and personal life

  • Contemplating a new role, career or retirement? What will the next chapter of your life look like?

In Training - Medical Students and Residents

  • Taking an intentional approach to you training and beyond

  • Identifying true values and goals that will keep you grounded during the rollercoaster ride of medical school and residency

  • Setting yourself up for success at the very start of your career

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